Counseling & Classes

Drivers Risk Education

The purpose of the DUI Risk Education Program is to provide orientation to offenders regarding the impact of alcohol and other drug use on individual behavior and driving skills. This allows offenders to further explore the personal ramifications of their own substance use and abuse. Classes are for alcohol, illegal, and legal (prescription) drugs. Classes are held monthly, so give us a call to get scheduled.

Early Intervention for Substance Abuse

Early Intervention is designed to assist the individual in recognizing problems or risks of alcohol or drug misuse. The client will examine the harmful consequences of substance misuse and make behavioral changes to avoid any future substance related legal issues.  

Outpatient Treatment for Substance Abuse

Level I outpatient services will address major lifestyle, attitude, and behavioral issues from substance use to help make permanent changes to cope. Outpatient Treatment will be evidenced based and consist of group and individual counseling.